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The NA-Z7II underwater housing follows suit with Nauticam's drive for innovation.

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The housing
Both the Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II present shooters with the ability to use both the available legacy F Mount lenses via the FTZ adapter in addition to their native Z Mount optics. To support both the legacy and native lenses, Nauticam has integrated the NA-Z7II into the N120 port system. This is critical as the new Z mount lenses are being phased in over the next few years. The Nauticam NA-Z7II housing features two lens release buttons that correspond to either F or Z mount lenses.

Ergonomics and Control
Regardless of where the control is located on the camera, the Nauticam housing puts them where you need them to be underwater. For those switching between photo and video modes, an easily reachable switch is located on the right rear of the housing. The left double thumb lever accesses the DISP and Playback controls. The switch that allows for switching between the LCD display and the EVF, a crucial and much used control with mirrorless systems is located close to the left handle.

The NA-Z7II comes with Nauticam's self powered manual flash trigger preinstalled. The flash trigger plugs into the hot-shoe of the camera and uses LED lights recessed into each of the two optical bulkheads to trigger supported underwater flashes when used with the correct fiber optic connection. The flash trigger is powered by coin cell batteries that provide thousands of flashes per battery. The flash trigger can be upgraded to support TTL triggering (26308 TTL Converter for Nikon).

Vacuum system and leak detection
The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is shipped with NA-Z7II as standard equipment. Combined with an accessory M16 vacuum valve (25625), this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing

Premium optics
The Nauticam NA-Z7II uses the same N120 Port System as the previous NA-Z7 which makes for a seamless transition for those upgrading to the "II." While this system provides exceptional optical-glass and flat port solutions for a wide variety of F and Z Mount lenses, the real power of the Z 6II and Z 7II can be realized using Nauticam's Water Contact Optics.

The Z7 II camera
The Z 7II features a high resolution 45.7MP FX-format sensor that can shoot at up to 10FPS. The Z 7II features a wide ISO range of 64-25,600. Autofocus is achieved with 493 on-sensor AF points that cover 90% of the frame and the camera intelligently switches between contrast-detection and phase-detection points to achieve accurate focus regardless of light conditions.

The Z6 II camera
The Z 6II is equipped with a 24.5MP FX-format sensor capable of up to 14FPS continuous shooting with an ISO range of 100-51,200. Video is currently recorded internally at up to UHD 4K 30p. UHD 4K 60p with a 1.6x crop will be available in early 2021 through a firmware update.



Dimensions 360mm(W) x 200mm(H) x 160mm(D)
Weight In Air 3.1kg
Weight In Water -0.07kg (with camera and battery)
Depth Rating 100m
Port System N120

In the box
Nauticam NA-Z7II Housing
90122 Housing O-ring, lubricant and removal tool
CR2032 Battery (for vacuum system)
Padded Travel Case
Allen Wrench Set

Optional accessories
25625 M16 Vacuum Valve II (Pushbutton Release)
32201 Nauticam 180 straight viewfinder
32203 Nauticam 45 viewfinder
26308 TTL Converter for Nikon
26216 Universal Fiber Optic Cable
85201 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port with Aluminum Float Collar (incl. N120 to N100 port adaptor)
86201 Macro to Wide Angle Lens 1 (MWL-1) 150 deg. FOV with full frame 60mm macro lens
26074 M14 Nikonos 5-pin Bulkhead with Micro Connector for Nikon TTL Converter
26075 M14 Ikelite Style Bulkhead with Micro Connector for Nikon TTL Converter


Nauticam UW housing for the mirrorless Nikon Z7 II - Z6 II camera.
Description: HOUSING NAUT NIKON Z7 II & Z6 II MIL Full-frame
Price: 45 950 SEK/Qty
Partno: 17227 (Add to Wish list )
Brands: Nauticam

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