Underwater Drone Guidelines

An underwater drone is like a remote-controlled small submarine, or an ROV, that allows you to shoot video that you can see at your console from your topside position above the water.

Explore the underwater world

Driving a drone is easy, and while your drive it you see and experience what the drone see underwater as all drones are equipped with an underwater camera. You can record video or shoot still images.

Recreational fun

People enjoy the drone for exciting exploration of the sea floor, under the pier in a lake and check out sport fishing spots in the rivers. Other fields of usage are checking the boat, finding items in the harbour, sport fishermen activities and many more.

Wide range of drones

Drone models range from small affordable recreational drones starting around 700 euros up, fish finders up to real professional ROV-like machines. Drones are delivered fully operational straight out of the box ready to go exploring. Our quality drone brands carry award winning drones. One exemple is the FiFish W6 Pro that is capable to dive 350 meters down with tools onboard such as 2D multi-plot scanner, collision avoidance, distance and altitude lock, laser scaler and U-GPS.

Commercial users

Examples where the drones support different such as schools and universities as an education tool, inspection and recoveries for harbour dock management, navy and military, fish farmers, police, insurance companies, construction companies, oil rigs, windmill companies, historical and archeology documentation, sediment and water sampling, security monitoring, search & rescue, bottom cleaning, recovering ghost nets, and many more. We are still surprised of all the new fields of usage that is increasing every day.

Popular accessories

Robotic arm, sturdy box for transportation, extended range cables, water sampler, HDMI box, extra propellers, propeller protection, complimentary camera and lights and many more.

Your drone expert

We are drone experts, so feel free to contact our advisors. Set-up a meeting were we have the chance to inform you what is possible and what drone and accessories is advisable for your operation.