Underwater Photography Guidelines [Beginner]

Most important is to start! You will discover how easy and fun it is to capture memorable moments underwater from your dive travel, as well as when you do local dives around home. Even seasoned divers get a new real boost to dive with an underwater camera.

4 popular ways to get into Underwater Photography

If you want to start small GoPro, a smart phone or a compact camera is the way to go. There is a fourth option for the enthusiast who wants the upper shelf quality from the start. They go straight to the mirrorless camera. Let us help you decide which way to go for your next underwater camera. We offer serious and market-leading advise and support.

Compact camera underwater

New compact cameras are strong featured cameras, often with a sturdy build and quality sensors in a small travel friendly unit. Most compacts are good for both underwater photo and video. Many models have an excellent macro mode. You can also shoot real shoot wide-angle with scenery, divers and big animals but an extra wide angle lens or port need to be added. Most popular compact camera model come from Sony, Olympus, Canon and Panasonic, and the cost for an underwater housing start at around 200 euro.

Compact camera Underwater accessories

  1. Underwater housing
  2. Tray & handle
  3. Wide-angle lens (quality will make you happy)
  4. Strobe (or flash) package including cable
  5. Light package as an alternative to strobe package
  6. Macro lens (many compact don't need this)
  7. Red filter (for good looking video straight from the camera
  8. Case or bag - to keep it all safe and in one place

Dive with your GoPro

The visual journey with a GoPro is mainly for shooting video underwater. The camera is small and easy to use with a fixed focused lens. Latest models have improved image stabilization and increased quality in low light conditions which is great for divers. We recommend all divers to buy a GoPro underwater housing to allow you to take your camera a bit deeper, and a least a tray and handle is a must for the diving GoPro user.

Great GoPro underwater accessories

  1. Underwater housing
  2. Tray and handles
  3. Quailty red filter (very important for great colours)
  4. Macro lens for close focus footage
  5. Light and light mount
  6. A case or bag to keep it all safe and in one place

Smart phones underwater (iPhone & Android)

As the smart phone cameras improve snorkelers and divers go for an underwater housing for their smart phone. There are many users such as surfers, sailors, sports fishermen and many more. The smart phone cameras are so much better these days.

In the phone the images and videos are just a click away from social media as well. Some of the new underwater housings accept several phone models, sometimes both iPhone and Android models.

Good smart phone underwater accessories

  1. Underwater housing
  2. Tray & handle
  3. Red filter
  4. Light package including a smaller underwater light
  5. Case or bag to keep it all in one place


Underwater with your Mirrorless camera

Many beginners know from the start that they want to go "all in" with underwater photography or videography…. If this is you then you might as well go to a mirrorless camera directly. It is a top-quality camera system where you can change lenses and be much more versatile and creative.

The set-up is actually not very different from the compact undewater camera set-up. We highly recommend underwater strobe or strobes, sometimes called flash, for photography and underwater lights for videography. As you can use different lenses such as wide-angle, fisheye or macro you will need a port that matches the lens/es you use.

Mirroelss camera underwater accessories

We build price worthy packages clients to fit their needs and wallet.

  1. Underwater housing (aluminium or plastic)
  2. Port to fit your lens or lenses
  3. Strobe package incl strobe, arm and cable (most housings have a handle)
  4. An alternativ for video shooters is a light package (light and arm)
  5. Case or bag to keep it all safe and in one place