Underwater Video Guidelines

Video is a feature that is on all cameras today from easy-to-use GoPros, phones and compact cameras up to high-end mirrorless cameras and of course dedicated pro video units such as RED, Canon, Sony and ARRI. We can all shoot underwater video!

GoPros & smart phones underwater

The GoPro and smart phones are two popular and low cost ways for beginners start shooting video underwater. The image quality and resolution produced by newer models have taken such a giant leap forward. We recommend you use an underwater housing for long lasting operation and it you will be able go down a bit deeper, below 5 metres, which fits diving better.

Recommended GoPro & smart phone accessories

As a minimum we recommend: underwater housing as mentioned above, a stable tray and handles for stability of footage,  red filter on a flip holder for great colours. Other recommended items that are really useful is a light on a compact arm lighting up close-up subjects, extra filters, a macro lens and a sturdy case to keep it all safe when you are on the dive boat or when you are travelling to your next dive adventure.

Dive with your mirrorless & compact camera

The mirrorless camera is the most used camera for serious underwater video work today. The reason is the relative small size, interchangeable and sharp lenses, fantastic sensors, improved auto focus on specific models and much more. The Compact cameras basically follow the path of the mirrorless but fewer operational and optical options, but even small size.

What do I need to use my Mirrorless underwater?

You will need a mirroless camera with a suitable lens, an underwater housing and a port that fits the lens you intend to use. This is a minimum. There are many options when it comes to lens/se, port/s and wet lenses. Let us support you before you decide for best possible solution for you.

Recommended mirrorless accessories

Useful items are a vacuum alarm to increase safety, one or two light packages, a tripod, red filters, white balance slate, tripod, proper case to secure your system while travelling or on the dive boat.

Video Pro

Enthusiastis, professionals, production companies and independent videographers mainly use two different type of cameras for their video work. Either a dedicated and exclusive video cameras from Sony, Red, Arri or Canon, or a smaller mirrorless cameras where some models have dedicated specifications to fit videography better than other mirrorless cameras. Popular mirrorless brands are Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic and OM. We are happy to build a package that fit your needs and your budget well. There are many options and we know them all!

Underwater Drone

All our drones are equipped with video cameras and you can even add a specific camera holder to mount extra cameras on your drone. The underwater drones enable non divers to explore, inspect and document without getting wet. Sometimes it is a safety decision to send down a drone first for a survey before divers go down, and some aquatic life are less disturbed by a drone compared to a bubbling diver.

Why settle for something less

We support you all - from beginners, enthusiasts and experienced photographers to the real professionals. We are the true experts and our 30 years of experience provide you with “know-how” to choose what is right for you. Always check with us as it will for sure save you both time and money.