Guidelines Mirrorless camera

Most popular camera system today is by far the mirrorless cameras from brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic and OM. Professional and enthusiast photographers as well as dedicated beginners all enjoy the mirrorless interchangeable sharp lenses, high resolution and dynamic range sensors, fast frame rates for filming, amazing auto-focus, bright and big viewfinders, monitors add-ons and strong video capabilities.

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We are true experts and always updated with more than 30 years of experience on the underwater market. Our “know-how” will support to make smart choices and helping you to avoid buying gear you will not like or need within a year from your purchase. Let us build the perfect package for their needs always delivered with our trusted support.

Incredible possibilities

There are many new possibilities such as amazing wet-lenses, easy to use super macro, special optics, flash triggers, fast strobes, amazing light units, remote controls… Mirrorless cameras produce broadcast quality videography.

What do I need?

→ Mirrorless camera & lens/es
→ Underwater housing & port/s
→ Strobe package or light package
→ Focus light
→ Safety: Case, vaccum system

Macro & Wide

Macro lenses is all about the tiny underwater world and it often require a port with a flat front. You can boost your macro lens with an extra external wet macro lens to fit outside the port.
Wide angle lenses is about big animals and landscapes. The wide lens allow us to go very close to the subject and still paint a wide image. A wide lens are used in combination with spherical dome shaped port made out of acrylic or glass material.

Do I need a strobe?

The answer is very simple - yes! The strobes make it possible to capture your subjects vivid colors in razor sharpness. We recommend a rigid arm system. If you add arm thickness it will create buoyancy to your camera system, and reduce the wait felt underwater.

Focus light

In low light most camera's autofocus perform slower. Add a focus light and you will notice a great difference.