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Light Scubalamp 3 000 lumen PV32T (Photo & video)

A robust light for both photo and video. You can change beam angle between wide and spot and colour between white, red and blue. Beam angle 110 degree.
3 650 SEK
Part no: SCL PV32T


A light for video, macro, and underwater photography in general

WSRB (Wide white-Spot white-Red-Blue)

One of the most popular serious focus lights on the market for UW photographers with strong output, generous burntime, diverse light modes and may be used for search, narrow beam, and photo or video, wide beam. A great light delvivered in a complete package including Scubalamp light 3000 WSRB, battery, ball adapter and a transport case. Stepless adjustable light.

Photo & Video light specifications
1000 lumen - 360 min
3000 lumen - 120 min
Light mode: Wide, Spot, Red, Blue (WSRB)
Compatible with 9000mAh battery pack
Beam Angle wide: 110°
Beam Angle spot: 15°
CRI value: 86
Dimensions: 138mm x 45mm x 49mm
Net weight: 398.6 gram, 250 gram (underwater)
Depth: 100 m

Package include
1 pcs Scubalamp Photo & Video 3000 lumen WSRB
1 pcs battery
1 pcs 1 inch ball adapter
1 pcs Charger cable
1 pcs transport case 

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