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GoPro Underwater housing Pro Pack 3 (Hero12, 11 & 10)

GoPro underwater action with GoPro camera, housing, flip filter, handle, macro lens and light
12 950 SEK


Action video package with GoPro Hero 11 camera, housing, flip filter, handle, macro lens and light

This is one of our value packs that give you a great GoPro package with a great package discount.

The complete set include

GoPro Hero11 action camera
1 pcs Supersuit underwater housing
1 pcs Flip filter with 2 filters
1 pcs Flip Macromate lens (+15)
1 pcs 2000 lumen wide angle light
2 pcs Clamp
1 pcs Arm with double 1 inch balls, 200 mm
1 pcs Double handle
1 pcs Ball adapter for handle mount
1 pcs Padded shoulder bag
1 pcs Light charger
1 pcs Light battery
1 pcs 1 inch ball adapter
1 pcs Light transport case
Observe that any part on the set than be exchange to your wishes.

The package

The new, larger image sensor captures more of the scene with higher image quality, letting you instantly share vertical shots to social media. HyperSmooth 5.0 features AutoBoost and Horizon Lock built-in, ensuring your smoothest, most stunning shots yet. New Night Effects let you get creative after dark, and 10-bit color brings all your videos to life. Suit up your GoPro Hero11, 10 or 9 with this housing for extreme outdoor activities and deep water diving.

Apart from the 2000 lumen strong white light there is also red built into this light. The red light is good for some shy marine life that becomes easier to approach. With a generous burntime of 150 minutes and a 110 degree beam angle the light is great for GoPro users when the action is on.

The flip macro and filter package include the +15 diopter Macromate lens and 2 different filters for different depths. You change between lens and filter with a flip of your finger as you change depth, as easy as that. It is all mounted on a double GoPro handle with foam covered handles for good grip. The padded Sea&Sea shoulder bag has movable dividers so you can adapt the space to your equipment.

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