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Strobe package Ikelite DS51 II

Ikelite DS51 II is a compact underwater strobe that only weighs 443 grams. It is a great package with Ikelite's arm package for travel, can deliver true TTL flash exposure as well as manual mode. Depth rated to 100 meters.
7 650 SEK
Part no: STROBEKIT-SS-007


A perfect well priced compact travel strobe package that include an easy to use strobe and Ikelite's compatible arm set.

Included in the package

1 pcs - Ikelite DS51 MKII underwater strobe
1 pcs - diffuser
1 pcs - Ball base adapter (for strobe)
1 pcs - Arm double ball 180 mm
2 pcs - Clamp
1 pcs - Quick release ball adapter

Quality and light-weight arms and clamps made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.

Modified package?

All our packages can be tweaked for different type of cameras or your specific needs. Contact us and we make You an offer in no time.

No cable is included in our strobe packages as underwater housings have different cable connections. We recommend the use of a cable for best performance, but strobes may also be used without a cable. If you are unsure let us help you to find the correct cable.

Ikelite DS51 MKII strobe

If size and weight are your primary deciding factors, the DS51 II is for you. The DS51 II is one of the smallest and most light-weight strobes in its class weighing in at less than one pound (443g) per strobe. The compact size makes it simple to position the strobe for macro, super macro, and wide angle photography. TTL flash exposure takes advantage of your camera's sophisticated light metering system to automatically adjust flash output. In TTL flash mode the camera triggers a pre-flash - before the image is captured - and uses information it receives back to adjust output in time for the photo.


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