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Strobe Inon D-200 Type 2

A lightweight midrange strobe equipped with an optically designed dome lens offering wide 110 degrees coverage without loosing power and it features both auto mode (TTL) as well as 13-step manual mode.
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A lightweight midrange strobe equipped with an optically designed dome lens offering wide 110 degrees coverage without loosing power.

The strobe

A great and affordable strobe with a wide beam. The D200 Type 2 features both auto mode (TTL) as well as 13-step manual mode, and has a new dome design, phosphorescence back panel and removable light shades and a built in focus or modeling light. Made in Japan.

Newly designed high performance fly-eye dome achieves ideal even light distribution underwater with a 110 degree beam angle without sacrificing strobe power. The D-200 is the "little brother" to the professional Z-330. High performance, multi-function and easy handling due to the light-weight underwater all in all you get an excellent underwater strobe.


  • Evenly spread strobe light at 110 degrees underwater
  • Max depth 100 meter
  • Powerful Guide Number 20
  • Easy to handle as the strobe is slightly buoyant underwater giving 12 gram lift
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL mode
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining into the camera lens
  • 220 lumen auto Off focus light
  • Easily visible phosphorescence back control panel during day and night
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Built-in radiation system to release heat generated inside the strobe
  • Highly versatile optical cable connection
  • Minimum recycle time approx. 1.3 sec. at full dump
  • On-board wireless TTL capability

The D-200 is equiped with with a sync flashsystem that work together with the pre-flash and main flash in camera’s built-in flash or optical TTL converter/Trigger, the D-200 can deliver full power even at 1/1000 high shutter speed setting without cutting power.

The D-200 strobe is equipped with circular metal heatsink carrying high thermal conductivity around light emitting area. The heatsink can release heat generated inside of the strobe by each shot effectively to underwater. Improved heat tolerance has resolved heat problem typically accompanied with powerful strobes. No sudden stops in firing you strobes for them to cool down.

The built-in Auto-Off Focus Light delivers 220 lumen brightness as support when focusing a subject and it works in synch with the shutter release and automatically turns OFF when firing the strobe and ON again after a second. 
The back pannels symbols and text are made with a high-intensity phosphorescence material to improve visibility both during day and night dive.

S-TTL auto mode or 13 steps manual flash mode

The D-200 has the proven and reliable auto exposure system S-TTL that will benefit you with easy yet reliable accurate exposure and high firing rate. In addition the high performance slave sensor never miss the camera’s trigger signal even faint or partially damaged fiber optics cable can trigger the strobe to offer faultless triggering. With highly accurate increments, 13 steps, the manual flash control is onboard when the situation requires fine manual flash output.

The "Strobe Light Shade" is bundled as standard accessory. It dramatically suppresses flare or "ghost" reflections of the cameras lens and backscatter when a strobe is positioned in the vicinity or ahead of the lens port by blocking the light that can reflect of the lens port.

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