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Underwater housing Sony RX100 V, Va Pro Pack Nauticam

This underwater photography package includes everything you could want. Underwater housing, vacuum valve, tray and handles, trigger extension and 1" mounting balls.
20 350 SEK
Part no: 17418P


Thanks to its overall image quality, snappy autofocus, excellent manual white balance, and useful built-in macro mode, this little camera makes a big impression.

What's in the box?

  1. NA-RX100V housing
  2. Set of handle brackets with shutter release extension
  3. Spare silicone rubber O-ring for housing
  4. O-ring remover
  5. CR2032 battery
  6. Lubricant
  7. Set of Allen keys
  8. Instruction manual
  9. Flexitray
  10. Right handle
  11. Ball Mounts
  12. Vacuum Valve (PN 25624)

The housing

The NA-RX100 VA-V housing provides the ergonomics, build quality, and innovative feature set our customers demand in a tiny, travel friendly package with the addition of an interchangeable port system to accommodate the longer zoom lens of the Mark Va. With it's intuitive multi-colored LED status codes, the underwater photographer can now be assured with a simple glance that the watertight integrity of the housing is secure. This system is the most advanced integrity check system available today, and the only one with integrated leak detection and temperature compensation.

Rubberized handle which provides a steady, non-slip grip. The rubber pads on the tray minimize camera movement for solid photography. You can freely adjust handle distance to left and right, front and back. Multiple choices for mounting screws and mounting positions. Reversible holding rail to work with every type of housings.

For an amazing wideangle set up order #83203 WWL-1C


  • Depth Rating 100m
  • Weight 0.85kg
  • Dimensions 150mm (W) × 101mm (H) × 109mm (D)


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